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Previously only available in 400 and 1000ft cinema reels, we now offers Kodak Eastman Double-X Black and White motion picture negative film (5222) in convenient hand-rolled 35mm canisters of 36 exposures x 1 roll!


===  Official Introduction of EASTMAN DOUBLE-X Black & White Negative Film 5222  ===



Black-and-white negative films from Kodak have been a creative story telling tool for decades. EASTMAN DOUBLE-X Negative Film 5222 / 7222 has the subtleties in tone scale that you’ve come to expect, and now it’s been optimized for physical performance. Features include a scratch-resistance backing and a process-surviving top layer, allowing:


  • Better camera transport
  • Reduced noise in the camera
  • Improved raw stock keeping
  • Decreased risk of ferrotyping

Designed for general production use outdoors and in the studio, in dim light, and anywhere you need greater depth of field without increased illumination. This high-speed camera negative film has excellent image-structure characteristics.

Create your story through light and shadow with a film optimized for beautiful images and reliable performance.

Double-X Compare to Tri-X have more tolerance and different particle style, if you like to shoot B&W films, please give it a try!

EASTMAN KODAK DOUBLE-X (5222) - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

==============   Motion picture films    ==========

The films made for motion pictures must be capable of being enlarged and projected on the big screen on the cinema, therefore there are strict requirement for the quality and tolerance of the films made for movie industry. Negative films for motion picture have super tolerances of about /- 15EV, therefore even 500D/500T (with very high light sensitivity) films have very fine pigments. 

The color tone for motion picture negative films is different compare to color negative films. If you haven't tried motion picture negative films, why not try and see ?! You will certainly find yourself addicted to filming motion picture negative films!

===========      What is hand-roll bulked film?     ===========

All the films sold by us are the films made for making motion pictures and are hand-rolled in to canisters. They are suitable for used in a 135mm camera and comes in 36 exposures in one canister. We've tested our hand-rolled films in local market and respond is great. So we can garantee our hand-rolled films is scratch-free and fresh to shoot.

The Bulk film loader counter runs from S to S. Usually if using most film camera could shoot 35-36 exp. If use Auto Film Loading/Advancing camera could shoot down to 33-34 exp due to camera design.

We use  200 or 400 ISO canister on 250D, use 400 ISO canister on 500T and 400T, use 100 ISO canister on 100D. If you purchase 250D on auto-DX camera please check the film canister when you received. Auto-DX camera may need to do EV /-. We will label every film with correct film name as product picture presented.

===========      Our Film Stock Quality     ===========

The number of film used for motion picture industry reduces hugely through out the years as majority of film making resources have been cut.  All of film sold by us are kept in a huge film freezer under -10 degrees C so customers can purchase and use with a ease of mind.

==============   Film Shipping Notice   ==========

ATTENTION : We will label "CAUTION: FILM, PLEASE DO NOT X-RAY" on the package while shipping, and in our experience, ASA/ISO lower 400 are not affected by the security X-RAY. However, please purchase at own consideration.


======   Black & White Motion picture Negative films Development Knowledge    ==========

B/W Movie Film Dev cart

Film Developer Dilution Ratio ASA/ISO Develop Time(min) Temp


Kodak Eastman

Double-X 5222

D-76 1:2 200 11 20C  
D-76 stock 250 7 20C  
D-76 stock 250 (200) 6 21C

Tungsten 200,

daylight 250

D-76 1:1 250 10 20C  
D-76 stock 400 9 20C  
D-96 stock 250 (200) 7 21C

Kodak Official Tech Book

D-96 stock 250 (200) 6.5 21C Info provided by photographer online.
D-96 stock 400 7
D-96 stock 800 7.5-8
D-96 stock 1600 9.5-10
D-96 stock 250 (200) 6.5 20C Info. provided by photographer online.
D-96 stock 1600 25 20C  
HC-110 B 200 5 20C  
HC-110 B 250 6 20C  
HC-110 B 400 6.5 20C  
Rodinal 1:100 25 3 20C  
Rodinal 1:20 200 5 20C  
Rodinal 1:60 200 7 20C  
Rodinal 1:50 250 11 20C  
Rodinal 1:50 400 11 20C  
Rodinal 1:50 800 18 18C  
Rodinal 1:20 1600 10 20C  
Rodinal 1:300 6400 8 hours 20C  
TMax Dev 1:4 400 6 20C  
Xtol stock 250 (200) 7 20C tungsten 200, daylisght 250
Xtol 1:1 250 10 20C  

Kodak Eastman 
Duplicate 5234
Duplication Film


Refer to 5222 data

Dektol (D-72) stock 6 5 24C Continuous shaking for first 60 second, then shake for 5 secs per min.
Dektol (D-72) stock 12 7.5 24C
Dektol (D-72) stock 25 12.5 24C
Xtol stock 6 13 20C  
D-96 stock 6 7 21C

5234 Kodak Develop Information

The same as 5222 (info. provided by some postproduction company in Taiwan)

Information Reference: http://www.digitaltruth.com select Eastman Double-X

 D96 Formula
metol 1.5g 
sodium sulfite 75g 
hydroquinone 1.5g 
borax (decahydrate) 4.5g 
potassium bromide 0.4g 
Add water to 1Liter


 D96 Formula 2
 Page 89, Film Developing Cookbook, Anchell & Troop. (Kodak labs)
750 ml distilled H20

Calgon 1 gram

Na Bromide 0.35 gram

Sod. Sulfite Anhydrous 15 gram

L Ascorbic Acid 2 gram

Metol 1.5 gram

Borax Pentahydrate 3.8 gram

Sod. Sulfite 60 gram

Water to make one litre. 
Provide By Buyer Feedback

Package Include

35mm /  36 exp / Kodak Eastman Double-X B&W Negative Film (5222)

This auction contains 1 Roll.

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